Second Opinion


About the Wurm & Frye Second Opinion Service

Do you need to get a better handle on where your investments are at and if you're on the path toward financial success?

Do want a different perspective on how likely it is you'll reach your retirement goals?

Or, maybe you just need a confirmation that your plan is on track to having enough money to retire

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you.


What to expect when you meet with us

During our complementary, no obligation meeting, we'll talk about your financial objectives, life goals, family situation and concerns. We'll ask questions, evaluate your current plan and provide either:

1.)  Recommendations for changes to increase the likelihood of reaching your goals and objectives; or

2.)  A confirmation that what you're doing now is working to your advantage

Our professional advice is always delivered in a friendly, straight-forward manner. Our recommendations are clear, easy-to-understand, and delivered in plain-English — without the investment jargon.  


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There's no obligation. To schedule a meeting, just Email us or give us a call at 916-789-8778.